Interior Design
I went to school at Brooks College in Long Beach, graduated in March of '04 and am
now working at J. Hettinger Interiors in Danville.  They have a great website about the
company, the link to that is below.   Although I am not in an assistant designer position
yet, I am at the front desk learning more of the business end of the field, so it's a foot in
the door.  Almost all of the drawings and plans that I have done so far were done in
school, but I have done a little "tinkering" on my computer on a few other projects.
This is actually one of my portfolio pages.  The project
was creating a room from a specific period, so I
chose Victorian and then tried specifically for Italian
American styles.  The staircase was pretty fun to
make.  I used styrofoam for the main support and
foam core, toothpicks, and wire.   I tried to get it as
close to scale as possible, although realistically there
would be more rails and the platform at the top would
most likely be done a little differently.  I did actually get
extra credit points for the staircase, so it worked out.
Just a few things I created with Photoshop tinkering
around on my computer.  The top one is 3 different
images and the side one is two.  It's nothing really
fancy, but I was experimenting with different effects
just seeing what I could do.
The pages above and to the left are also from my portfolio.  The project was
for an office building and we created floor plans, elevations, color boards,
etc.   I happened to choose the Victorian period for the main offices' furniture
(president's, managers', etc.) and the building was multi-story so I decided
to throw in the spiral staircase (which took me hours to create on CAD).  The
hardest part was creating the couches and the desks.  They took me longer
than the staircase, but the curves that I managed to figure out are very close
to the pictures of the Victorian-era furniture that I could find.
The three pages below are from a project that I am just doing on my own,
sort of my dream house.   They aren't quite finished because I am still
working on making all the furniture 3-D.   The first page shows the basic
plans of the first and second floor (complete with a truck in the garage, of
course).   The second floor is kind of my puzzle area and library.   The
second and third pages show different angles of the rooms and as you can
see, I'm only about half done with the furniture.  The staircase was really
difficult to create but hella fun computing exact angles and angles to make it
real and to scale.  There's a wrap around porch and a bay window (I love bay
windows) and of course, the king size bed in the bedroom.  (I plan on having
a couple of cats and they'll probably take up half of it, lol.)
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