Dragons / Unicorns
I love these ones.  Hear, See, and Speak
no Evil.  Classic with a twist.
Most of my figurines I get from collectiblestoday.com although I have gotten a lot from
thingsfromtheheart.com; both sites have some awesome things.  All of my unicorn figurines I
believe have come from collectiblestoday.com, theres a link to that one below.
And I should note that the pictures are not in any kind of scale in relation to the other pictures.
This one is a salt and pepper
shaker holder.  Hella cute, huh?
The ones below and directly to the right grace the top of my desk.  The
three unicorns are from the "Armored Unicorn" collection and those
three are the only ones of that group I got.  Most collections have about
10-15 figurines, but depending on their coloring, I sometimes won't get
all of them in a specific collection.  The dragon is actually pretty cool,
the pillar it's sitting on is actually a little box and on its back is a candle
holder. :)
The two left front are from the "Jeweled Unicorn"
collection.   The dragon in the back left (the
candleholder) is one that I got from Treasure Island
when I went to Vegas for my 21st birthday with a friend.
These two pictures are of a three shelved "display" that I have in the living
room.  You can see a little of my Camelot Castle puzzle on the very bottom of
the picture on the left.  It sits on the bottom shelf and there is a complete
picture of that particular one on my puzzles page.   Above is just a close up of
the second shelf.  The 6 in the back are from my "Treasure Dragons"
collection, of which you'll see more of in the following pics.
Nov 3, '07 - To the left is one of my favorite collections.  It was finally completed about the end of
August, but i just got around to taking a picture to put up on here.  The colors are a little off, I am
discovering that the light in my room has a yellow tint to it.  But what can you do.  The first issue in the
series (January's dragon) i got the end of October of 2005 and there were a total of 13 issues (the
calendar display was one of them).  So you can see that more than a couple got backordered since I
just got December's dragon in August.  But I have them all now and I am very happy.   I got this series
off of collectiblestoday.com but I have no idea if it is still available.  Since they are collectibles, they are
only offered for a certain number of days.
Some of the dragon
statues are battery
operated and light
up and they come in
all sizes, from 4" tall
to 18" tall.
These are the dragon and
unicorn figurines that I
currently have.  While this is
in no way a complete
showing, this gives some
idea of my favorite decor.
I don't normally go for the picture frames
but these were hard to resist.
These are also a few of my favorites because they are candle holders.  The tops have four
dragons each (the same dragon, just on all four sides) and the bottom pieces also have
four dragons surrounding the base.  The detailing on the bottom dragons is very intricate
considering how small they are.  The bases are only 3" tall.
This is one of the other collections that I only got a few of.  The dragons are (from left to right)
"Surging Waters", "Molten Chasm", and "Icy Abyss".  All of the figurines have names, but to
type them all would be a really long list.  :)  You can't see a lot of the detailing of the images
on the wings, but they're amazing, as are the castles carved into the plastic bases.
March 28, '08 - Dad's office building is going
through remodeling, so they were getting rid of a
lot of the furniture.  Well, this bookcase was one
of the ones he brought home and I promptly
decided it was perfect for displaying dragons
since the shelves are only a little deeper than
dvds.   The topmost row of figurines is from the
"Jeweled Unicorn" collection.  They are
technically "alicorns", since they have wings.  
Unicorns have only a horn, pegasus have only
wings but its called an alicorn when it has both.
The second and third shelves have the
remaining figurines from the "Treasure Dragons"
collection.  I have 14 of the 15 in the collection,
but I didn't get the missing one because the
green coloring of the dragon wasn't a good color.
Well, when I took this picture, I didn't expect the
flash to reflect off the black alicorn like this, but
it's kinda a cool effect.  When I got this one, I was
afraid it would break on contact.  It looks so
delicate.  :)  I don't normally go for the glass and
gold look, but I couldn't resist.  Although the base
is actually acrylic, I think, not glass.  The
craftsmanship and detailing are exquisite though.
June '09 - This is my newest collection.  "Knights of the Dragons' Round Table".  This is one
of the ongoing series, I'm still getting issues for it. The latest issue I just got a couple weeks
ago.  I got a close up of the table so you could see how much detailing goes into these
collections.   Its just amazing to me the talent that people have to create.   The first issue was
the purple dragon in the back, "King Starwing the Righteous".  With most collections from
collectiblestoday.com, you get the first figurine and then the stand, frame, table, whatever is
the second issue, then the third issue starts up again with the remaining figurines.