The Biggest Puzzle Ever!  :)
"Life" 24,000 pieces; biggest in the world; 5' by 14'
This is the first of 2 pages that are dedicated to my longest puzzle project (and it will be awhile until I attempt another one that takes me this long to
complete).   The puzzle was mentioned on my puzzle page (follow the links to the left to see it) and it is on these pages that I will have posted
updates to how the puzzle is going, pictures of my progress, etc.   As I posted new pictures, I have deleted the comments from previous progress
pics so any commentary you see will only be on a couple of the pictures.
May 9, 2007 - Yay!!!! I have finally received my puzzle!  I have been waiting so long for it...  So many people ordered it when it came out that it got
back-ordered.  The picture above is a 3 foot long insert that came with the puzzle.  It really helps having something this big, and even with this there
are some parts that you need a magnifying glass to see what is hidden in the coral or sky.
May 17  (above and immediate right)
May 24
June 6
May 31
June 14 (12:45 pm) - woo hoo! 1st quarter
finished! 6,000 down; 18,000 to go.
June 21 - So I have started work on the second quarter (actually
just started today so all the pictures are today's work).  The pile
above the tiger is some of the horse and flamingo pieces.   
Since the flash obscures whiter sections a little, the next two
pictures were taken with no flash (and they are a tiny bit blurry
cause I tried to get close).   :)  I included the ruler in the middle
picture so you can see what kind of scale I am working with.  
The house is about 7 inches wide and looking at the overall
picture, you can see how small that is in comparison.
July 5
July 23 - I took a couple extra pictures so I
could blow up the tiger and eagle sections to
kind of give you an idea of how many pieces
some of the animals take to finish.
Aug 2 - with a close up of the lizard, trying not
to get squished by the kangaroo :)
Aug 9 - just showing the bottom section.  The
fish are harder than you'd think.
Aug 23 - Yay! 2nd quarter finished!  Its taking a little longer than I
expected, but I dont normally work on this many pieces for this
long, so its to be expected, I guess.  But its all good since I'm
doing it for fun anyway and am not on a deadline or something.
So here endeth the first page of my big puzzle
project.  Follow the links above to finish the
story with the 3rd and 4th quarters and finally
glimpse the finished product! :)